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The Best of NBA Pre-Game Fits – inasport
Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

The Best of NBA Pre-Game Fits

2 min read

From LeBron James to Jordan Clarkson, NBA players don’t mess around when it comes to what they wear on and off the court. Because we still have a couple of months before next season, let’s talk about some pre-game fits that caught my attention.

Okay, although this isn’t a pre-game fit, Chris Paul’s courtside fit caught my attention for sure. The way CP styled this purple checked suit with a pair of blue suede Air Jordan 11 “Jeter” made him look like he’s about to buy the whole entire freaking arena.

it’s safe to say that with 3 kids, LeBron James achieved the ‘Cool-Dad’ award with this fit. Honestly, a blue beanie, leather jacket, a pair of cool jeans styled with the Air Max 1/97 is how all dads should dress.

Let’s be real. Russel Westbrook deserves a whole entire article dedicated about his outta this world sense of fashion. The purple Diet Pepsi Slogan T-Shirt styled with those Don C x Air Jordan Legacy 312 is just one of many examples that he knows how to dress. (Plus those pants and glasses, i meannnnn come on!)

With everyone else’s crazy fits, Kevin Love’s simple yet elegant fit will easily make him the center of everyone’s attention. Plus, you can never go wrong with dressing black and white.

Have you ever wondered how to have a fire fit to go to the mosque? Well, wonder no more because here’s your answer. With this fit, i honestly don’t know wether i should go up to him and salam or to wish him good luck. in conclusion, Habibi got style.

Jordan Clarkson is hands down one of the prettiest boys in the league. Luckily, his style matches his pretty face just fine. Clarkson wearing a Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton bag, Grind London tee, and Nike’s SB Dunk Low sneakers made him look even more prettier.

Oh hello, Karl-Anthony Towns. i see you.

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