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Jawa Barat Lost Two in A Doubleheader First Day – inasport
Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Jawa Barat Lost Two in A Doubleheader First Day

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Raflenchyo from Lampung swung at Alfian’s Pitch in a 5-1 Lampung victory against Jawa Barat on Men’s Softball Pra-PON in Stadion Sport Center Kelapa Dua, Tangerang (22/7).

Jawa Barat Men’s Softball Team fell apart as they take two losses against Lampung and Sulawesi Tenggara in the first day of Qualifying Tournament for Pekan Olahraga Nasional (Pra-PON) in Stadion Sport Center Kelapa Dua, Tangerang (22/7). On the first game, Jawa Barat surrendered five runs and only responded with one in the first inning. On the second game, Sulawesi Tenggara scored ten against Jawa Barat’s one run.

Jawa Barat’s Coach Depi Permana was shocked by the team’s quiet bat and admitted that his pitcher struggled in the first game. “We struggled at the plate on both games, and in the first game our pitcher was struggling,” said Depi. Depi also said in the second game, his fielder did not do much help to their pitcher’s good performance, “Our pitcher played well in the second game but our fielder struggled,” said Depi.

Depi also stated that schedule changes affected his players performances, “We came here on Sunday (21/7) but didn’t test the field because we thought we are playing on Tuesday,” said Depi. “Then the schedule was changed and we had to play on Monday,” said Depi. Depi admitted that the team was not well prepared to play on Monday, “We already planned to play on Tuesday, but after the schedule changed, we did not prepare for the doubleheader on Monday,” said Depi.

Jawa Barat has to win against Banten on Tuesday (23/7) if they want to keep their hope of qualifying for PON 2020. Jawa Barat, along with Lampung, Sulawesi Tenggara, Banten, and Sulawesi Selatan have to fight for Pool A’s top three to qualify for the second-round bracket-system to determined the top 6 to qualify for PON 2020.

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